Happy new year 2016 in India

New Year in India 2016:

Indians will celebrate the new year in many different ways.

                           Some of them will go to temple

new year in india 2016

some of them will celebrate with relatives

New year with relatives

New year celebration in india in different regions:

Puthandu tamil new year 2016:

Tamil new year in 2016

                                                    Bohag Bihu assamase new year 2016:

Assamase new year in 2016

                                                       Pohela bengali new year 2016:

bengali new tear in 2016

                                                  Bestus Varas gujarati new year 2016:

Bestu Varas  Gujarati New Year in 2016

                                                    vishnu malayalam new year 2016:

Vishu  malayalam new year in 2016

                                                     Losoong sikkimese new year 2016:

                                                       Navreh Kashmiri new year 2016:

                                                     Hijri  Islamic New Year 2016:

ugadi telugu new year 2016:

gudhi padwa marathi new year 2016:

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Enjoy a Grand New Year Celebration with Top of the Hill Celebrate the arrival of the New Year with Top of the Hill in Mussoorie!

New year's Celebration 2016

Congrats bro Richa you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...